You’re Not “Ovary-reacting”

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Stereotypes About Our Periods

How many times in your lifetime have you expressed yourself and were absolute, determined in your opinion, but were immediately told, “you must be on your period” or “are you PMSing?” as though a strong articulation of thought is equal to automatically bleeding. This is a stereotype that women have lived with for decades, but what does it mean and is there any truth to the fact that our ovaries can lead us to “ovary-react”? Do they contribute to a vulnerability that may not otherwise be exposed? Is it valid to assume that during our periods we may be more sensitive and thus more vulnerable, impacting our interactions?

Divine Feminity

It has been established through various studies and by many medical professionals that the weeks leading to our periods can be accompanied by crying, anger, and depression, but within these emotions can we find a place where we allow ourselves to feel unapologetic and to not attribute it to our periods? If our periods make us more vulnerable to the world around us, do we have to feel as though we are not ourselves? Can we accept that this part of our divine womanhood and femininity and what makes us who we are?

Vulnerability is Your Superpower

In this dog eat dog world, one may balk at the notion of being vulnerable and allowing the actions, words, and thoughts of others to affect us to the extent that we vocalize our feelings. But I believe that it is that vulnerability that will lead us to more fulfillment and love in our lives. We do not solely have to attribute being sensitive to our periods, we can attribute it to the desire to be vulnerable and being OK with the fact that we are vulnerable.

Vulnerability can be the key element in our relationships. Our experiences have made us strong, caused us to protect our hearts, toughen us up so that we don’t get our hearts broken again. However, when we allow life or others to harden us we lose the closeness that is created by intimacy, and intimacy is indeed vulnerability. When we close the door on vulnerability, we also close the doors on many beautiful emotions and feelings that can only come through the door when we are unguarded.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should be vulnerable and open our hearts and minds to just anyone. Our vulnerability should be earned by someone that is worthy of the beauty of it. But if you decide to open up and become vulnerable, do so with all your mind, heart, and soul – never doubting yourself in the process.

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You’re Not “Ovary-reacting”

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