Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns

Fibroid Queen | Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns
Fibroid Queen | Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns

If She Wins, I Win-Why Support Each Other?

One thing I am so in awe about on my healing  journey, is connecting with other smart, beautiful Queens. I did not realize the impact of having like-minded women as teammates, soul sisters, and support especially dealing with fibroids. I am so grateful for passion, positive energy and strive to be a better version of themselves.  I recently stumbled upon an amazing quote on Pinterest: ‘Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns’ and it has really vibed me. My mission is to empower and inspire other women suffering with fibroids to conquer it and live the life they are destined for, I will also fix their crown along the way.

Throughout my journey and my own internal issues. I have learned we as women really tear each down. As a whole, women in society are already put through enough with stereotypes, pregnancy, inequality, and everything in between, let alone each other. However, I feel  we have lost the underlying reason behind sisterhood, women empowerment. We are our worst enemy. As a woman, it’s hard to realize how easy it is to support everyone else; men, children and of course, but not each other. However, the quote ‘Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns’  is really saying the support starts within ourselves and here are my 3 reasons why women should support other women:

We have a lot in common and share the same struggles. 

I started to become open about my struggle with fibroids, I became aware of so many other women who have dealt with or are dealing with fibroids as well. I realized how empathy goes a long way and treat these women like I want to be treated.

I feel that supporting another Queen, leaves us all winning at the end of the day. 

It can be supporting a Queen on her promotion, new business venture or even the small wins like getting her workout done, small wins go a long way and supporting another Queens opens the door for all women in the long run. I truly believe to reach success as a fempreneur is to have at least one other strong woman behind you giving words of encouragement as well as sound, objective advice. It’s important to have a tribe. We started the Fibroid queen tribe to support women suffering with fibroids to really support and help each other overcome challenges.

The accountability from another is Queen.

It has been a huge help as I strive to reach business goals and continue to evolve as a whole. I have a couple accountability Queens and we hold each other to our goals. I feel that it has been very productive knowing these Queens are also trying to become a better version of themselves and we balance each other out 

If we continue to treat others the way we want to be treated and empower other women its self-empowerment in itself.

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Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns

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