Ready to Remove Your Fibroids?

I stopped competing and exercising. I ate what I was feeling. It left me with a negative self-image. I kept thinking, are you ready to Remove Your Fibroids? Today, I am sharing alternative methods for the removal and reduction of fibroids.
I stopped competing and exercising altogether. I pretty much ate what I was feeling. It left me with a negative self-image.

Is a myomectomy right for me?

Though there are many different “flavors” of surgery used to remove fibroids—abdominal, laparoscopic, robotic, hysteroscopic, etc., struggling to decide if you are ready to remove your fibroids does not have to be part of your decision.

Myomectomy is one of the common surgical procedures used in the removal of fibroids. It can cause scarring in the reproductive organs that may impact future fertility.

Most women, don’t even know that they have fibroids. It can be scary to know that uterine fibroids usually develop during childbearing years, but they can occur at any age.

The surgeon’s goal during myomectomy is to take out symptom-causing fibroids and reconstruct the uterus.

Unlike a hysterectomy, which removes your entire uterus, a myomectomy removes only the fibroids and leaves your uterus. This may help as you consider if you are ready to remove your fibroids.

About 80% will get fibroids by the age of 50. Close to 40% will experience the unwanted symptoms that can cause havoc in the body and it can be very debilitating. I was part of the 40%  dealing with heavy periods, painful cramps, and anemia. Looking back, I remember being told several times by Doctors to consider hysterectomy and myomectomy. I would stay in constant fear and worry about the limited options I was given. My uterus is not a dispensable organ and I want the option of having kids naturally. It was a tough decision on what route to take considering I had 4 fibroids, the largest was 7 cm. Something in my heart told me to research other options and take note of the risks and complications.

Can surgery be a temporary fibroid fix?

According to a study by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, myomectomy can relieve uterine fibroids-related symptoms in 80­­-90% percent of patients. Though myomectomy risk is pretty low, I was very concerned about the procedure being temporary, like a band-aid. The fibroids can grow back and it does not prevent the growth of new fibroids. For me, the real problem is not being addressed with a myomectomy. I feel there is a strong correlation between fibroid development and emotional dis-ease. As I reflect back on my journey, stress and anxiety was a huge factor that I gave little attention to.

Unfortunately, this type of surgery won’t heal my hormonal imbalance problems, I have adult acne and oily skin.  Per a study on Healthline, up to 33 percent of women who have this surgery will need a repeat procedure because they grow new fibroids. 

The thought of another surgery and more scar tissue that could impact fertility was horrifying. In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautioned against using a laparoscopic power morcellator for most women undergoing myomectomy. 

Myomectomy can relieve bleeding and other symptoms.

This surgery is an option if you’d like to have children in the future or if you want to keep your uterus for another reason. About 80 to 90 percent of women who have myomectomy get relief from their symptoms. The procedure is considered safe, but there are still risks such as:



-The need for a repeat procedure

-Damage to organs in your abdomen, such as your bladder or bowel

-Scar tissue in your abdomen, which can form bands that bind organs and tissue together.

-Bowel or urinary problems

-Fertility issues

-Pregnancy complications

-Rare chance that you’ll need a hysterectomy

-Laparoscopy causes less bleeding and other complications than laparotomy.

There is hope when it comes to fibroids!

After researching my options, I chose to go the holistic route to help get to the root influence of my fibroid development. This is important and why I am sharing this information to help you better understand the options as you decide if you are ready to remove your fibroids.

My regimen consists of fitness, yoga, and nutrition. I have a plant-based diet that entails foods to heal and help prevent inflammation and toxin formation in my body that can promote fibroids.

My exercise and yoga regimen consists of using my mindset to visualize my outcome on this journey and express it in a way that promotes healing.

Now that I have become more intentional about my health, I have noticed an improvement where I no longer suffer from pain and my heavy bleeding has decreased significantly. More so, I am more aware of my emotions and I feel so much happier.

My mission is to educate and empower women with fibroids to become their own advocates, learn non-surgical options, and to take control of their health to live a life that they are destined for.

I have learned that opinions are opinions, at the end of the day, it’s your decision. Consult with a few doctors and do your research to make an informed decision.

Check out my website: for more information about my holistic program to help you with fibroid relief.

As a coach and advocate for women suffering from fibroids, I know first hand how to help others through this journey. Click the link below and join the community for additional resources.

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Ready to Remove Your Fibroids?

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