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Fibroid Queen | Mindset Can Heal
Fibroid Queen | Mindset Can Heal

Conquer fibroids

Live the life you are destined for.

I remember going to doctors appt in fear and doubt about the status of my fibroids. I was in constant worry of the results of my ultrasound and the feeling of the doctor asking me “ what are going to do with these fibroids, they are getting bigger” I would then black out, as the Doctor read the treatment options, birth control, surgery, ablations, surgery, surgery…..and I would go home in tears. I knew heartedly those options I was not going to consider those options and I will continue to conquer fibroids as I have for the last 11 years.

The last couple years, I have invested in my self development through yoga and mindset coaching. I feel that has played a huge role in my journey. I no longer consume my thoughts with negative thinking, and doubts but more optimism and the relentless mindset. 

I am currently embracing my holistic journey of healing my fibroids and feeding my mind and soul with energy that keeps me moving forward and overcoming challenges. I know what’s in my control is my thoughts, and my current regimen continues to provide me with fibroid relief.

If you need an advocacy on fibroid journey, I would love to be that person cheering you on as you conquer your fibroids and live the life you are destined for. 

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My Mindset Can Heal

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