I Need Inspiration

How to Find Mojo When Dealing with Fibroids

That moment was forever ingrained in my mind and would be the catalyst for my journey as a womb wellness advocate. In that split second my mother became an inspiration that would last a lifetime. When I graduated from nursing school and wanted to get back in shape, I entered the world of competitive fitness. Without the power of inspiration or of envisioning myself in top form I would have never thought it possible to become a competitor. I never thought that it could be me, but I found inspiration in the evolved fit bodies that surrounded me and I knew I could and would reach my goals, if I worked on my intentions and properly applied them.


We are all everyday people that live, work, love, feel and get up the next day to do it again. Where do we go for inspiration? I would say the closest place to find inspiration is within ourselves, in envisioning our lives free of pain, bloating, heavy bleeding, and living our best lives. If you are a woman living with fibroids and have experienced the worst that these tumors bring into your lives then you can envision what your life would be without the symptoms and all the things that you would be free to do. And if you can envision yourself living that life then isn’t it time to allow me to turn your inspiration into the reality of achieving a fibroid-free life.


I would like to be that inspiration in your life that encourages and motivates you by offering you the recipe to achieve all that you see in your mind’s eye. Once you start achieving, you will know for sure that in your life there is no greater inspiration than yourself.

What inspires you? How do you find inspiration? Please share your stories with me. For guidance and support on what to do with your fibroid condition. Please schedule a consultation by clicking the link here.

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I Need Inspiration

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