Fibroid Fitness Challenge

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Join the challenge that will help you with your fibroids.

Hey Queen!  I don’t know about you, but in the past I would blame myself for having the fibroid belly. I thought I was not exercising enough, but I later learned I was not doing the right exercises for my body. I wanted to tell you it’s not your fault you may have some extra fluff in the abdomen.

There is really a thing called hormonal fat, and with fibroids comes estrogen dominance. The hormone estrogen feeds the fibroids and can block our body’s signal when it comes to the amount of glucose in the blood. Glucose gives us energy, and when the signal is off it makes us eat more sugar and starch….CRAVINGS. That leads to the hormonal fat which promotes fibroid growth.

Now, I am sure you want to know how to make this toxic hormonal cycle STOP. Well, I have a solution for you with my Fibroid Fitness Challenge:)

I created this challenge to not only give you the simple  foundation that has given me and my clients results overtime, but also a way for you to break the hormonal cycle. You may have wondered  what foods to eat to starve fibroids, what exercises to do, and how to limit stress. Click below to check out answers to your questions.

Imagine having support on your journey so you’re not doing this alone. I want to help you get out of this hormonal cycle, believe I can relate, its no fun. Lets get you prepared for body reset by joining the challenge today!

If you have already signed up!! YAY! Expect an email, I want to give you a head start and get you ready.

Before I forget, I’d also like to share my dedicated Youtube channel for women with fibroids. Click the button below and watch the latest video.

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Fibroid Fitness Challenge

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