Don’t Lose Your Momentum

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Fibroid Queen | Don’t Lose Your Momentum

I do want to reach my goals for 2020.

Most of us  started the year with some renewed enthusiasm when it comes to achieving goals. Based on previous years, I start to lose the focus and dwindle on my goals mid January. But, I promised myself this year is going to be different. I have been following a plan of action that keeps me motivated and consistent to reach my goals. I want to share 3 tips that may help you attack your goals for 2020.

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Get an accountability buddy.  

I believe an accountability buddy  is the secret sauce for faster growth. But, finding the right buddy is key. A peer, coach, mentor or even someone outside your community could be an option. The most important quality in an accountability partner is that they’re straightforward. Your not looking for a fixer, but  want someone who will hold you accountable to your goals with clear expectations. Having an accountability buddy has been a game changer for me where I am getting my task completed in a timely manner anticipating 

Own your goals.

Writing, rehearsing, can help you visualize your goals as if you have already achieved them.

I wrote my goals on an index card and posted on all my mirrors and refrigerators as a reminder. That has helped me embody the goals and strive to keep the momentum going. Along with reading motivational content and being around uplifting people may help with sustaining your drive.

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Plan it out

A clear picture of how can help significantly when it comes to achieving goals. Its like you have a destination in mind but how to get there? Planning out my goals has given me clarity on the time, energy and where the goals takes priority. Laying out all your goals with timelines may prevent procrastination and provide clear direction on how your goals can be attainable.





Don’t Lose Your Momentum

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