Curative Foods for Fibroids

We can heal through the food we eat!

My Story

Time and time again, you’ve probably heard of the healing properties of certain foods. In all likelihood, you’ve heard it so much that either you have become desentized to it or just consider it another cliché. That said, I can attest to the complete healing mechanisms of food as my entire practice not only revolves around fitness, but just as equally to curative food. The combination of certain foods nourishes your body to a point where it naturally detoxifies and makes itself whole, ridding itself of all things that hinder it. Before I discovered that one of my fibroids had calcified, I was determined to cure myself. I conducted routine self experiments with foods and noticed improvement in my symptoms by mixing blackstrap molasses with ginger and cinnamon.

What foods feed your fibroids?

Just as there is a list of restorative food, there is also one of those that are detrimental and damaging to our bodies, especially when we seek to find a better balance and a healthier lifestyle. There are foods that feed your fibroids and their growth. Imagine that, when you actually eat certain foods, your fibroid(s) grow. Some examples are foods that are high in sugar, high in salt and corn syrup, which are harmful to your womb and contribute to your heavy bleeding, pain, and overall discomfort.

Nutrition Guidance

It’s not easy to navigate a balanced diet that is therapeutic and activates the medicinal properties that your womb needs to eradicate fibroids. I encourage you to contact me and let’s work out a meal guidance that will not only help you banish fibroids but also change your life–body, mind and soul.

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Curative Foods for Fibroids

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