I need a challenge to reach my fitness results.

Where do I start?


Think about the first time you learned anything. Whether it be riding a bicycle, roller skating, your first yoga position, or feeding a newborn infant, chances are that you had to do it a few times to perfect it. Aristotle once said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”, we are good at what we habitually do and so is the case with learning how to be good to your womb. Through positive thinking, diet, and exercise you can learn to become the most excellent version of yourself. 


The thing about learning anything new, which is often the hardest, is typically the first step. But once you have decided that you want to learn a new way to amplify your life, achieve optimal womb health, and invigorate your thinking with new methods of being, the hardest part is behind you. The first step in being a superior student is accepting the fact that you will be an eternal student. Accepting that you will continually have to learn new ways to improve and thrive is a principled way to start. 


I can remember graduating from nursing school and being so happy at the achievement but for the first time noticing the twenty pounds that had been added to my frame. How was I going to lose the weight and prepare for my first job as a nurse? Then, there I was in the gym and I can still hear my trainer say, “You should compete in fitness competitions”. And although it was all foreign to me, I knew that I wanted to learn, that I wanted to evolve, that I want to become a better version of myself. I had just finished four grueling years of learning and there I was on the brink to become a student all over again. 


Once I accepted that I was about to undertake another journey of learning, this time not learning to transform my mind, but transform my body, I knew that I could achieve whatever goal, I set forth. You will continually learn throughout your life, whether it be a new software at the office, a new remote control for your cable, the quirks of a new lover, we never stop learning. If you are able to develop a passion for learning, especially when it benefits you, there are no limits to what you can achieve. 

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My call of action to you is to envision yourself in class, at your desk where you are preparing to be the top of your class, a straight-A student, magna cum laude. Imagine that you not only have to learn but want to learn and the reason that you want to learn is that at the end of each course, you are rewarded with a more excellent version of you. I want to take you on an educational journey where training yourself in new ways of eating, dieting, and thinking will discover the golden star that you are. 

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I need a challenge to reach my fitness results.

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