Some insight into living your best life with fibroids – while being good to your vagina! I can’t imagine where I would be today without my fibroid prevention regimen. Once I started to shift my mindset about healing, it completely changed my life. If you told me 5 years ago there would be a day […]

Be Good to Your Vagina

Say Goodbye Fibroids! Just in time for an empowered Valentine’s Day! Say goodbye to the toxic relationship between you and your fibroids. Kick them to the curb. Take the first step to break up with your fibroids. I struggled with the pain and suffering of fibroids for 12 years. It wasn’t until I started taking […]

Break Up with your Fibroids

Self-Care in the New Year If you haven’t set intentions for 2021 yet, don’t feel discouraged. I’m here to support you! Join me in ringing in self-care for the New Year! Struggling with fibroids can be incredibly draining, so I want to give you a reminder to take a moment for yourself. Do some deep […]

Ringing in Self-Care for the New Year

Phyllis in a black outfit and purple head scarfe showing her stomach.

Stereotypes About Our Periods How many times in your lifetime have you expressed yourself and were absolute, determined in your opinion, but were immediately told, “you must be on your period” or “are you PMSing?” as though a strong articulation of thought is equal to automatically bleeding. This is a stereotype that women have lived […]

You’re Not “Ovary-reacting”

How to Find Mojo When Dealing with Fibroids That moment was forever ingrained in my mind and would be the catalyst for my journey as a womb wellness advocate. In that split second my mother became an inspiration that would last a lifetime. When I graduated from nursing school and wanted to get back in […]

I Need Inspiration

We can heal through the food we eat! My Story Time and time again, you’ve probably heard of the healing properties of certain foods. In all likelihood, you’ve heard it so much that either you have become desentized to it or just consider it another cliché. That said, I can attest to the complete healing […]

Curative Foods for Fibroids

Phyllis posing for a fitness photo

Where do I start? MINDSET Think about the first time you learned anything. Whether it be riding a bicycle, roller skating, your first yoga position, or feeding a newborn infant, chances are that you had to do it a few times to perfect it. Aristotle once said, “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”, […]

I need a challenge to reach my fitness results.

Mushrooms and hormonal imbalance

Why I love Mushrooms   When I got on my holistic journey years ago due to fibroids, I started to research foods that were beneficial for hormonal imbalance and reducing inflammation. Mushrooms popped up! I read how mushrooms have properties that are antibacterial, immune-enhancing. I was anxious to keep my diet healthy so I incorporated it […]

Mushrooms and Hormonal Imbalance

Hand with blended drink on a counter with a green leaf.

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables daily can be beneficial. Today, we are discussing the benefits of juicing versus blending.

Juicing vs Blending

Where do I start with healing fibroids naturally?

The power of intermittent fasting. I went from suffering with fibroids to no pain and better management of  7menstrual cycles, painful cramps and anemia are some of the main triggers of fibroids.  The root cause of fibroids is driven by the female hormone estrogen and somehow the excess estrogen is not being eliminated or over […]

Where do I start with healing fibroids naturally?