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Train more of your body at one time to prepare you for life. Develop the mind-body connection to get stronger, feel and look FIT.

Use the power of your breath to build self awareness to improve your flexibility, lower your stress and tone your body.

Learn how to eat with purpose, and be mindful to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Conquer Fibroids Coaching Program


Conquer Fibroids Coaching Program is a holistic regimen that provides the tools for fibroid relief, symptom management, holistic resources and personal development. This comprehensive routine is personalized to your lifestyle. You are guided virtually and I walk you through healing workout routines, where I will teach you how to perform exercises that promote womb wellness.

I will provide personalized meal guidance with food choices to help balance your hormones and decrease symptoms. You will learn the stages of fibroid healing and be given tasks for accountability. You will have access to a private facebook group with holistic doctors and practitioners for expert advice and tips. It includes one-one calls where I will hold you accountable and guide you on a path to healing beyond fibriods.

I will give you the resources to jumpstart your journey of healing for 30 days. You will be accountable through the private facebook group to follow a simple regimen that entails hormone balancing recipes, healing workout routines, healing guide, and weekly prizes. 




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Welcome to your go-to place to enhance your fitness and nutrition without diets and quick-fix plans.

I'm here to help you THRIVE in your physical goals. As a fibroid relief advocate, my programs focus on the issues and concerns women face everyday. 

For women that struggle with fibroids, I provide a holistic approach to using a proven-system that combines yoga, fitness, and nutrition to alleviate the common problems associated with uterine-fibroids. 

I understand, first hand the pain associated with fibroids and as a nurse and coach with a specialty in corrective exercise to help others reduce stress, correct muscular-skeletal imbalances, reduce medications, heal past surgeries and live a more holistic lifestyle, I am HERE to support you.

 -Yoko Ono

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.

I stumbled across Phyllis's Fibroid Queen Instagram page in late December, so I decided to send her a message to see how the Conquer Fibroids program works. We decided to set up a call to discuss. I never felt pressured to join the program, and she was very, very informative as she shared her journey with fibroids with me. I knew that I needed to try something different since I hadn't had much relief from my fibroids, so I began my journey to better health in January 2020. From day one, Phyllis welcomed me with open arms. She's always held me accountable, whether it's ensuring that I am taking the right supplements or making sure that I'm getting in physical activity throughout the week. While being in this program, I have become more aware of stressors in my life, as well as how to better manage my stress level. I've heard about different things that help with having fibroids, like blackstrap molasses and organic feminine products, but being in this program has driven me to actually learn about these products and utilize them for their benefits. I've seen significant changes in my health, from better vitamin D and iron levels, to making better food choices, to even my menstrual cycle being reduced from 6 to 5 days! The advantages of being in this program go beyond better health, so my expectations have been exceeded. I know the journey to better health is just that - a journey, and being a client in the Conquer Fibroids program has provided the jumpstart that I needed!!  
                                                                                                                                                       - Rodneca Skinner


Working with Phyllis has been amazing. She does not just speak, she connects with the audience, which is amazing & refreshing to see.

The connection comes from her willingness to be vulnerable and share her story. She is truly making a difference in this world!

                                                    - Nadia

During my first week of working with Phyllis, I lost three pounds, probably more but I didn't weigh the first day of starting. 

Phyllis is a wonderful coach. Through Phyllis' instructions and guidance, I have managed to accomplish what was so hard for me to achieve before. 
                                                - Felisha

There are so many things I am grateful for this lady! 

What I like about her program is that whether I participate in individual one-to-one sessions or Group classes Phyllis is tuned in to my needs, my goals and limitations and personalized my participation in a routine my body can cope with. 
                                                  - Ayesha

ready to enhance your mood, energy,
and support weight loss...

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