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Train more of your body at one time to prepare you for life. Develop the mind-body connection to get stronger, feel and look FIT.

EAT4 your Cells

This lucrative membership option is for those that need an ALL inclusive womb results wellness program that gives results. 

The program will introduce the right approach to fitness and nutrition through my coaching to help reduce your PCOS symptoms. 

I’m Phyllis Frempong. Fibroid Queen™️, Speaker, Registered Nurse, Fibroid Awareness Advocate, and Fitness-Yoga Coach.

Welcome to your go-to sisterhood community to enhance your fitness and nutrition goals without diets and quick fix plans. I use an integrative and functional approach to womb wellness that combines yoga, fitness, mindset, and nutrition to achieve ultimate symptom management and alleviate common problems associated with uterine fibroids.

I understand firsthand the pain associated with fibroids. After I realized I had 4 of my own (the largest being almost 9cm), my biggest fear was having to get put on pharmaceutical drugs or going through surgeries as the recurrence of fibroids is high. I embraced the fact that I had other healing necessities to tackle fibroid at the root – and now have successfully dissolved one of my fibroids.

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My name is Phyllis, and I am a Nurse, Personal Trainer and Womb Wellness Coach. Over the years, I have struggled with my own weight issues, and like many women, I too was plagued by the symptoms of fibroids. I went from a burnt out Nurse to dropping 30lbs to rocking the stage as a bodybuilder and later shrinking & eliminating fibroids naturally. But through my own personal healing journey, I learned how to eliminate these painful symptoms naturally and empower others to do the same.
I created a unique formula where I coach others on how to find the tools needed for lasting results. This includes providing personalized meal plans, workouts tailored to each client’s needs and goals, as well as herbal supplements and other resources. Whether you are looking to eliminate the root of fibroids for long-term results or you’re looking to get back in shape, I can help you make lasting changes that will truly improve your quality of life. 

 So why wait? Join me on this journey today! Let's create and build! 

You are ready to transform not only your body but your mind with the Eat4 Your Cells Challenge. It entails unique meal plans, workouts, accountability, and herbal supplements to help clean out your body and feed your cells with proper nutrition. This challenge is led in person and LIVE with teachings that address all learning styles. Get human interaction with empowering support. 

Challenge includes:
(1) Herbal cleanse tea
Workout library 
(4) LIVE Healing fitness workouts
Accountability buddy
(1) Weekly check-ins
Meal plans

1. Do you deal with mood swings, cravings, and stress eating and struggle with weight loss?
2. Do you feel your diet plan and exercise plan are no longer giving results and want more guidance on what is missing in your regimen?

Through the initial consultation you will receive a personalized approach on what foods to eat and avoid with a meal plan

Through the initial consultation we will identify any physical challenges that will need to be personalized for you to get optimal fitness results.

Through the initial consultation we will identify what you need to be accountable and address any preferences you have when it comes to an accountability buddy.


START WITH A CONSULTATION- ( cost of consultation will be credited to total cost of challenge)